Dr. Reisman is available for appointments in Brookline, and Wellesley.

Joel M. Reisman, MD

Director, New England Eye Center – Wellesley

Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Director, Resident Cataract Surgery Teaching Lab



University of Louvain in Belgium

University of Manitoba in Canada

Academic Appointment

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Tufts University School of Medicine

Dr. Reisman's expertise in cataract surgery and use of lasers was enhanced by studies in Holland, England and France.

His background includes developing and running a large private practice in Massachusetts together with serving as medical director for Boston University Eye Associates and its Eye Surgery and Laser Center where he established extensive expertise in cataract surgery.

He developed an international teaching program for cataract surgery which he brought to numerous university hospitals throughout China.

Dr. Reisman is fluent in French.


Contact Information

Dr. Reisman's
Office & Appointments:
Wellesley: 781-237-6770
Brookline: 617-734-1396

Fax: Wellesley: 781-237-4727
Brookline: 617-734-1397


Joel M. Reisman