Cornea, External Disease, and Cataract Service


The cornea – the clear-tissue window in the front of your eye – helps you focus by bending the light entering your eye and warns you of potential harm with its thousands of nerve endings. The cornea can become scarred, cloudy, and distorted from infections, injuries, and hereditary diseases. A damaged cornea causes the light entering the eye to focus poorly and can lead to blurry vision, double vision, and even blindness. Because of all of its nerve endings, an injured or diseased cornea can be very painful.

Photo: The Cornea, External Disease, and Cataract Service offers consultation in the medical and surgical management of all disorders of the cornea, conjunctiva and anterior segment.

We offer expertise in corneal transplantation, including high risk keratoplasty and keratoplasty in association with iris and lens abnormalities, as well as diagnosis and management of corneal ulcers, scleritis, ocular allergy, complex surface disease and pemphigoid.

Special services include:

  • excimer laser vision correction (LASIK, PRK and PTK)
  • computerized video corneal topography
  • anterior segment photography and angiography
  • endothelial specular microscopy
  • microbiology evaluations
  • confocal microscopy
  • immunopathology and histopathology of conjunctival and corneal disease including pemphigoid and tumors



Cornea, External Disease and Cataract Appointments are available in the following offices: